Haiti Mission

Haiti Mission Trip Report- Sept 12th-16th 2016

Pastor Oswin and Pastor Deepu travelled to Haiti and reached there on the 12th of September.Arriving into Haiti, the heat was unbearable- 96 degree temperatures with 100% humidity. Once we reached the base camp- JFM Church, Bon Repos, Haiti, we realized that even electricity was rationed to us, mostly during the deep night hours, probably for about 2 hours or so. The generator sat out in the elements of rain, sunshine and wind, causing it to malfunction rendering it useless. Food was purchased daily, but for the needy and hungry. There were 2 or 3 nights that pastors slept eating 1 apple and sipping on half bottle of water.

Day 1 September 12: We arrived to the base at our around 4pm. Immediately, both the pastors from USA, Pastor Anceloti who is the JFM Pastor in Haiti who is also the translator, and pastor Jordanie went around the neighborhood distributing tracts, cookies, bread and even some clothes to the children. While doing so, we invited these people to come to church the same evening. At around 6pm, we started the service. Around 85-100 people were present. Pastor Deepu preached about the importance of being saved and being baptized. Many people raised their hand in interest of Baptism. We then served food and drink (bread/peanut butter/ketchup) Kids and adults alike were very receptive to the food. Food was sponsored by Pastor Deepu. Clothes were distributed as well. Prayed for people by laying hands

Day 2 September 13: Pastors Oswin, Deepu and Anceloti started early morning street ministry from 7am-9am. Over 500 tracts were distributed, cookies and even some cash to the older people who were seen working (selling fruits or water- doing business). We found a young boy, 19 yr old, who was selling packets of water. Upon interviewing him we found out that he was making about $1.35 per day if the business was good- working 6am-6pm selling his water. We brought him back to the base camp, gave him $100.00 to start a small business, gave him a new shirt, watch and prayed over him.

9.00am-2pm: Visited two churches in two different villages. Pastor Oswin spoke about the importance of Baptism and confessing sins to Jesus. We distributed food and clothing in both locations. Attendance was between 60-80 people in each location. One of them even had a school that was started and around 10 kids were attending there, in uniform! Prayed for many people.

4.00pm-9.00pm:  After resting in the base camp for about 1 hour or so, we got ready and left to another church. This church was meeting in a corner lot, with a tarp for a roof! The tarp was torn in many places and when it rained (which it did), there was water pouring from the tarp. Around 50-60 people attended. Vibrant music was there, invoking the presence of God. Pastor Deepu preached to this crowd. We distributed food and clothes to this church. This pastor was sponsored by sister Hannah of JFMBC. We gave $1000.00 towards buying a church building.  Prayed for many people

All the food for day 2 was sponsored by Pastor Oswin (or through donations by church)

Day 3 September 14:  Street ministry commenced between 7.00-8.00am. Distribution of tracts, food items and cash. Found another water seller and brought him back to the base camp. This man knows the Lord. We blessed him with $100, a shirt and a watch and prayed over him to start a new business of his own.

0900-12.00pm:  We went to pastor Eric’s church. Over 200 adults and children were present. It was a very emotional scene. Some kids did not even know how to eat or drink. We took turns feeding them. Both pastors went live with their phones to call home and video relay the scene as it unfolded. Cloth distribution was the highlight as these kids and adults were so excited to see “new” clothes.

We returned to the base camp about 12.00pm

1pm-5pm: We had a quick baptism class. There were some other pastors present as well. A local pastor was given $600.00 towards purchase of a motorcycle. This man walks miles upon miles to get to anywhere! We all got in to the car again, and drove about 1 hour away to a clear and clean water spot. We had 3 individuals who showed up for baptism. 2 ladies and 1 man. Pastor Oswin baptized all the three of them. One of the ladies had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in the water and could not stand up after immersion.

6.30-7.30pm: After this we had to drive back to the main city. The drive was about 2 hours due to severe traffic. We then reached another church- pastor Jonas leads this place. Very sprit filled place. They were in total darkness. Although the generator was on, they had not turned the light on- almost felt like they wanted to save it for us to show us the respect. These people were on their knees on rough ground with stones and mud, praising God and worshipping him. Pastor Oswin spoke to this crowd. We distributed food. We also prayed for many people.

All the food for day 3 was sponsored by Pastor Oswin (or through donations by church)

Day 4 September 15: Street ministry commenced at 7.00-8.00. Tracts, food, money was distributed as necessary. We found a lady who was selling bananas (praise the Lord for breakfast for us!!!!) We brought her back to church. She works about 12 hours a day and earns perhaps $0.75 on a good day. We gave her $100.00 and a watch and prayed over her to start a new business.  We found a young boy, 16 yrs old, who was not attending school. Upon asking why, he said he did not have a bag and shoes to go to school. He needed $5 to get these supplies to go to school. We gave him $10 and a full bag of pens/pencils/colored pencils etc and asked him to buy the needed supplies. He came back later in the day to show us what he had bought- he was very excited.

Pastor David Paul had arrived to the base camp around this time. He was given $450 towards construction of an alter at his church. He wants to start a school next year. Pastor Oswin committed to $500.00 towards supplies for school building/chairs/benches etc. Free education will be provided to the kids.

Pastor Oswin: 12-8pm: Pastor Oswin and some other pastors went on their own to see land for the other pastor who had received $1000 earlier. After this, Pastor Oswin visited 2 orphanages, 1 old-age home, 1 hospital. Food distribution occurred sponsored by Pastor Oswin (or through donations by church)

6 bicycles were bought for the church members. ($50*6=$300)

(Pastor Deepu and Pastor Oswin were in separate places for the rest of the day)

Pastor Deepu- 12-1: Preached locally in the base camp to about 60 people. A young girl accepted Christ during this meeting and publicly confessed Jesus. Prayed for many people and distributed food which was sponsored by Pastor Deepu

Pastor Deepu 2pm-8pm: Pastor Deepu was taken by Pastor Jordanie and Pastor Anceloti to another village, Tomadh, about 80kms away. Excellent scenic drive- and very scary- up the mountains. Upon reaching Tomadh, we saw the church- NO WALLS- NO ROOF- NO FLOOR!!! Only  the outer frame. The “walls” were multiple white sheets all tied together. Over 150 people came there to hear the word of God. Many people were prayed for! Distributed food to these people sponsored by Pastor Deepu

Clothing boxes were held back by Pastor Jordanie because it became dark and we had no light. He would do the distribution on Sunday. More boxes were given to him by Pastor Oswin so he could distribute all these on Sunday. We left Tomadh about 6pm and came back to the base camp at 8.00pm.

Day 5 September 16: Street evangelism between 7-8.00am. This time not only we distributed tracts but also had a line of children – about 8-10 kids! They followed us to the main road so we could buy footwear for them. We ended up buying all these children and some more on the street 2 pairs of shoes each, and some more for the adults that lived next to the church building. All this cost about $25. We also bought breakfast for these hungry children as well as by standers.

10am-12pm: Graduation ceremony for tailoring school 1st batch. 26 individuals graduated. Top 3 students were given a sewing machine so they could earn a living with their trade.

10 wheel chairs were purchased with the donation by JFMBC member Bro. Steve Alan and his wife sis Amelia ($600)

In addition 20 metal chairs ($150) and 50 Bibles ($250) and expenses for the transportation of these items ($35) were done (church donations)

1pm-3.45pm: We went back to Pastor Eric’s church. This time 300 kids and adults were present. Distributed food sponsored by Pastor Oswin and church donations.

4.30pm-7.30pm: Pastors conference and final meeting. Several pastors from around the area had gathered (20-30). Pastor Oswin spoke about being a leader the Lord’s way. Pastor Deepu spoke about the responsibility of shepherding the sheep. Food and clothing was distributed. Out of all these wheel chairs that were bought, the first one was given to a child living next to the church. Probably about 2-3 yrs old who had no strength in the legs due to severe malnutrition. Other wheel chairs were given on a “as needed” basis.

September 17: travel back to USA