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About JFM Southborough Church

JFM Southborough Church was started on July 9th 2005.This church is the first JFM branch church in the USA. Brother Jeba Shekar & his wife Vinitha helped establish this particular branch in Southborough MA. In those days, service was on Saturday evening. Pastor Oswin and an elder Sree from NY, travelled all the way to MA for 3yrs to conduct Saturday evening services.

Pastor Oswin & his wife Sister Sheeba our senior pastors, live in NJ.They have established several JFM branch churches throughout the United States & India. They are blessed with three daughters.

During those days, we prayed for a full time pastor and God answered our prayers & sent Pastor Robert Thangaswamy & his wife Sister Viyag to take lead in Southborough MA church. After the 3rd anniversary, the Saturday services were moved to Sunday worship. And the church began to grow.  Later on, after Pastor Thangaswamy & his wife moved back to India,

Pastor Jacob Muthu & his wife Sister Chitra were visiting pastors to Southborough church. Pastor Jacob Muthu travelled from Albany NY to MA to conduct the services. Pastor Jacob & sis Chitra are blessed with two daughters.

After pastor Jacob Muthu & his family moved to Florida. Pastor Arundeep Mittra & Sister Melody who live in Rhode Island travel to MA every week and are currently leading the JFM Southborough church as full time pastors. By the grace of God, the church has been running smoothly and new members have joined the congregation. All glory be to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.